Being grown-up is overrated

adventuresofalgy said: You think you have a niche problem? Consider Algy’s situation! And incidentally, Algy is not a grown up and never will be, so he avoids “language” and adult themes and all that stuff 🙂 But the niche problem persists despite – and the ellipses!

I think Algy is wise not to grow up, can’t say I’m exactly the most grown up of grown-ups either! 

I’ve more or less decided not to worry about finding that niche – just be me and use the website/blog for that. I will have to sort out the categories though, maybe add a few more when I get a chance. 

I meant to ask – what was the autumn/fall like out there last year? I’m hoping that this year will be less-rainy and perhaps colder, more like 2010, rather the very wet 2011 I was out there. Can’t believe it’s now five years since I left my job.

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