adventuresofalgy said: I
think an immersive account of that adventure would make a great book. I
also think that to write it as well as it can be written, you should
put aside all other projects and re-immerse – focus wholly on that.
Maybe even revisit the location 🙂

Thank you! Putting aside other projects would be difficult at present, but I do see your point. I really had been thinking very hard about revisiting the location this autumn/fall, but I’ve simply too much to do to give such an undertaking the time it deserves. Although this initially made me sad, I am seriously pondering returning in March or April – this would be a neat bookend in many ways. It is also a fascinating time (as you well know) to be out in the west – many of my Knoydart trips were in April. Watch this space! (This would also give me time to write the book – then perhaps edit it out in the wilds, nature lending a hand.)

And, speaking of books, I haven’t forgotten about Algy – I will be posting a proper review soon but, for now, you should know that I loved “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird”. 🙂

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