adventuresofalgy said: As someone who lives in a very remote area and has little social contact in the “real” world I find Tumblr to be a hugely valuable lifeline (mentally) and a window onto many other worlds. It has a great balancing effect.

Yes, this hits the nail squarely on the head. I don’t really know anyone other than my family up here. I was always going to be passing through, rather than staying permanently, so I never really tried to meet people. How I talk to people (whether on the internet or more traditional friendships) is directly related to my state of mind. With spending much of last year and the earlier part of this year very low indeed I mostly hid away — I found twitter was just about all I could handle, the small snippets of conversation all I could find the energy to muster. I’m seeing returning to tumblr as a good step on my recovery and, as you say, I get to peek on other worlds and lives — which is a marvellous thing indeed.

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